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Bento Buddy

Bento Buddy

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Did you know that eighty billion pairs of disposable hashi (chopsticks) are used each year, leading to deforestation? Cut down on your single-use utensil consumption with your Bento Buddy! This case rolls up small in an origami-like design so that you can keep your hashi on the go. Store in your lunch box, or keep a pair in your purse.

When it's meal time, unroll your Bento Buddy and grab your hashi! Your Bento Buddy can accommodate a fork and spoon if you prefer, due to the flexible nature of the design. Once you're done eating, roll your utensils in your Bento Buddy, secure with the leather band, and bring them home!

Each fabric was selected to bring you joy at meal time. Lining is selected to complement the exterior fabric. In addition to hashi or a fork and spoon, bento buddies can be used to store reusable straws or crochet/knitting hooks.

Fabric contents: 100% cotton. All fabrics are pre-washed. Your Bento Buddy is machine-washable, hang dry. Approximate dimensions when rolled up: 9" length x 1.25" width x 0.5" height.

Handmade with love in San Francisco, CA.

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